Marblite / Marbelite Pools

We require good weather to marblite, not too windy and no chance of rain. The wet marbelite plaster gets smeared in the pool and it can get damaged while still wet. Children and animals must also be kept away from the pool until we fill it the following day. Marblite is a form of plaster that gets troweled onto the gunite.

It makes the pool smooth and waterproofs it. Marblite / Marbelite can’t be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.
Once applied it must dry for ± 24 hours after which the pool will be filled with water. Marblite cures underwater for the 1st 3 months. It requires looking after and must get swept daily for the 1st month and 3 times a week thereafter. If dust settles on a new marblite pool, brown marks will form. Rough marbelite is from wrong chemical application, PH must be checked.

SA Gunite Pools are a Gunite / Marblite Company | We do NOT repair or build fibreglass pools
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