A completed gunite/concrete shell

8 x 4 meter pool coping & mosaic completed pool ready for marblite

Newly marblited pool ready to be filled with water

Finished Pool

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Farrarmere Primary. This exciting project, consisted of excavation – moved onto our standard of steel work & guniting, then proceeded to marbelite the pool and paint the lane marks.

Old style 9 x 4.5 meter pool that we were asked to modernize and make smaller to a 5 x 3 meter pool. We lined it up with the house, sandbagged it to required size & shape, heavy rebar as this pool is now freestanding, gunited it before lockdown, could only complete it now. New coping & mosaic. Portland Grey marblite gives the pool a nice turquoise colour. The client got a decking specialist to complete the surround. This client has now added value to her property, a smaller pool is easier to maintain and the more modern style compliments her house. To make a pool smaller successfully requires expertise, it is costly but well worth it.

Wooden decking, blue mosaic & white marblite finishes off this pool. It boasts 4 pool lights for a stunning look in the evening.

This stunning 15 x 3 m L-shape lap pool was built in Ebotse on the golf course. It has an underwater viewing window into the cellar.