Grant Evan

“Dear Max, I have been meaning to write and tell you how happy we are with our new swimming pool. It is a thing of beauty and has turned out exactly the way I visualized it and how you and I planned it when we first started out. I remember the first day you arrived at our house in order to quote on a new pool. Up until then I had obtained one other quote from another pool construction company. After you left, I said to my wife that irrespective of what your price would be, I felt quite certain that you were the man for the job. You were proud of your product and your own ability to deliver that product. And Max, you did not disappoint. Needless to say we did not look any further for another quote. I remember you saying that you worked to a standard and not to a price. How true that is and is also true of the swimming pool you built. It is beautiful, well built and will most certainly add value to the quality of our lives and to our property. Your men worked well with the minimum of mess and disruption and a very big thank you must go to them. Oom Phillip is also a most delightful man and I grew to enjoy and appreciate him with every passing day of construction. Please convey my fond regards to him. You are someone I can relate to and thus am very sincere when I offer my gratitude and appreciation for a job exceptionally well done. I would be happy to recommend SA Gunite Pools and Max van den Bergh to anyone seeking a quality built swimming pool. Thank you very much for all you did.”


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